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The copywriting process

  • Step 1:

    Give us a brief

    Sit down with and tells us what your copywriting project needs to do, be, say - and who you're targeting.

    Our writers are brilliant, but it's this ability to listen when you're briefing us that really sets us apart. It means we can write the right stuff that will actually deliver you value. It's why the vast majority of our work comes from referrals.

    After we've talked you'll get a guaranteed quote. To get started, we just need a 1/3 deposit.

  • Step 2:

    The tone of voice sample

    You'll get a sample of your copy so we can get the tone of voice right.

    Rather than spending hours of your time talking about the intricacies of your brand and tone of voice, we just get started on a small sample of your project. You'll work with our copywriters until the tone feels right, we'll then use that sample to guide the rest of your project.

  • Step 3:

    The first draft

    Next you’ll get a full first draft for your feedback.

    If it’s perfect – pats on back all around! But chances are there’ll be bits in the copy that need changing and we want to hear about them. At this stage, the ball's in your court - read the copy with your most critical hat on and make notes as you go.

  • Step 4:

    The feedback

    We want to hear what’s wrong with the text so we can get it right.

    We’re copy writers, not artists - there's no ego, and we won't get hurt feelings if there are things you'd like us to change. in fact, your feedback is a critical part of the process. We want to hear what's wrong so we can make it right. Our quotes allow for three rounds of feedback, which is more than enough in our experience.

  • Step 5:

    The hurry along

    We’ll hurry you along if things start to stall

    You're busy, we get it. When you've got clients yelling in your ear, checking over your web or brochure copy tends to slip way, way down the list. We call it the Important-But-Not-Urgent phenomenon, so we make it our job to keep things moving. You'll get a progress invoice at this point too – another third.

  • Step 6:

    The sign off

    Give us the thumbs up once the text perfectly fits your brief.

    You're happy? We're happy. That means we'll send the text off to your web developer or design, crack the champagne, drink to our shared success. (Oh, and you'll also get your final bill too. Lucky you!)