Whatever the writing, we start by listening

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Business writing

Business writing is the less-sexy cousin of marketing copywriting – but if you need to pitch, report, or sell direct, it’s where the real money is.

Marketing collateral

Creating marketing collateral that really sells is about understanding your brand and your target audience to find the words that will connect the two.

Blog writing

Content is no longer king – these days, good content reigns supreme. Good blogs are readable, shareable and deliver on your strategic business goals – not just articles for their own sake.

Content strategy and writing

Content marketing is about building trust with your targets by giving them something interesting and useful. Our content strategies will make sure you get maximum results.

Web content

Searchable, readable, valuable Search algorithms connect people to the most relevant, credible content possible. Web copy makes up a small part of the SEO puzzle, and it’s not really a ‘techie’ problem. It’s actually about understanding your audience and crafting content that will be the most useful to them. Getting the keywords in the smartest […]

Copywriting courses

Our copywriting courses are tailored to your team, equipping them with skills and techniques to make their writing more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable.

The copywriting process

Give us a brief

Tells us which of our copywriting services you need – we’re listening.

After we’ve talked you’ll get a guaranteed quote. To get started, we just need a 1/3 deposit.

The tone of voice sample

You’ll get a sample of your copy so we can get the tone of voice right first.

You’ll work with our copywriters until the tone feels right. We’ll then use that to guide the rest of your project.

The first draft

Next you’ll get a full first draft for your feedback.

If it’s perfect – pats on back all around! But chances are there’ll be bits in the copy that need changing. Read the copy with your most critical hat on and make notes as you go.

The feedback

We want to hear what’s wrong with the text so we can get it right.

We’re copywriters, not artists. Your feedback is a critical part of the process. Our quotes allow for two rounds of feedback, which is generally more than enough.

The hurry along

We’ll hurry you along if things start to stall.

You’re busy, we get it. Checking over your copy can slip way, way down the list, so we make it our job to keep things moving. You’ll get a progress invoice at this point, too – another third.

The sign off

Give us the thumbs up once the text perfectly fits your brief.

You’re happy? We’re happy. Crack the champagne! (Oh, and you’ll also get your final bill too. Lucky you!)