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4 tips for writing content that ranks in Google

By Helen Steemson

How to create content that connects with search engines AND humans You might have heard that Google takes over 200 ranking factors into account when deciding what content to show first. Getting your blog on that coveted first page begins to sound near impossible – or a fluke at best. While tackling a blog post […]

9 ways to get better conversions for your landing page

By Helen Steemson

You’ve created the perfect product and are ready to launch it to the world with a custom landing page. You sit and wait… but your clicks don’t convert to customers.  Frustrating. First, stop fretting – we’ve got you. Here are some handy tips to turn those clicks into customers.   Speak to humans, not technology […]

Freelance copywriter vs copywriting agency

By Helen Steemson

What’s the difference and which is right for your business? You’re eyeing up that dormant blog, stale web copy or planning some whitepapers you don’t have time to write – you need to hire a professional copywriter. So, who are you best to call? You’ll have freelancers and agencies all banging down your door, asking […]

How to write a blog that drives traffic and conversions in 2021

We’ve all been there. After spending hours planning, researching, writing and promoting a blog, you wait for the conversions to roll in and they… just don’t. Before you give up entirely, we’re here to tell you there’s a way to escape the madness. Follow the steps below to produce efficient and effective blogs. Once you’ve nailed […]

SEO tip: Why you should write for humans, not computers

By Helen Steemson

Boost SEO rankings and conversions with writing people actually want to read For years, the SEO guys have been telling us how to make content SEO-friendly – get your keywords in there, write some nice meta information and most importantly, never stop thinking about your Google rankings. But, umm… what about the actual people reading […]

7 online writing apps you can’t do without

By Helen Steemson

We’re going to need a bigger toolbox. Writers are craftspeople. Like all craftspeople, we need our tools. Back in the day, a nice sharp H2B pencil and a sturdy wad of paper were all we needed, but these days it would be crazy not to make use of the huge range of online tools at […]

There are no grammar rules (except when there are)

By Helen Steemson

4 grammar mistakes you didn’t know you were making As much as this will make my dad clutch his pearls, I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as correct grammar. Sorry I’m such a disappointment, dad. It wasn’t that long ago that people were writing to-morrow and week-end and adding quotes to […]

Using power words to convert with your copy

By Helen Steemson

You know those words that are stickier, louder, strangely neon? The ones that cut through all the noise? They’re power words, and they’re every business owner’s dream.

Copywriting courses: build your brand and credibility

By Helen Steemson

Words – they’re powerful. At Words for Breakfast they’re our bread and butter; we know the influence they can have so we love to share our knowledge by running copywriting courses. Sure, on its own, writing is just a simple arrangement of letters directing people to an object or idea, but if you nestle the right ones in amongst the right friends, you can cut through layers of dross and confusion. Words can be swords, cushions, maps, vehicles… almost anything. In Brave New World Aldous Huxley says words can be X-rays if you use them properly. “They’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”