9 ways to get better conversions for your landing page

You’ve created the perfect product and are ready to launch it to the world with a custom landing page. You sit and wait… but your clicks don’t convert to customers. 

Frustrating. First, stop fretting – we’ve got you. Here are some handy tips to turn those clicks into customers.


  1. Speak to humans, not technology
    If someone visits your page and feels no connection, they’ll move right along. The people who visit your page are just that – actual humans. And you need to build a relationship with them, just as you would in a real-life encounter. Understand who those people are and what they want – then tell them a story that connects on a visceral level. Speak to their hearts, not their minds.
  2. Tell them just enough
    Give people too much information and they’ll be overwhelmed. Too little and they won’t be moved along the sales funnel. The trick is to get inside their heads, understand exactly what information they need and what question’s they are asking right at this moment, and then deliver only that.
  3. Build trust
    No one is going to trust a stranger on the street demanding personal information. It’s just as intrusive to land on a page and have 100 pop-ups pleading with you to subscribe to various things. Just as you would build trust with a stranger on the street, you need to build trust with your online market. Showcase testimonials, case studies and credible statistics on your page to build this trust but remember: less sales pitch, more informative.
  4. Make an offer they can’t refuse
    Let’s be honest, we’re all a little bit selfish. Even if you’re offering the world’s best product and have the best website with the best copy and the best design… it won’t cut it unless there’s a tangible benefit for the reader. Put those in the headlines and watch the conversions roll in.
  5. Walk the walk, talk the talk
    If the way you’re presenting yourself doesn’t quite add up, your brand will seem inconsistent and confused – and people will turn away. Keep your brand’s personality at the forefront and ensure your copy matches your tone of voice. Similarly, keep your design in line with your brand. If you’re promoting a modern cafe with a focus on minimalist design, for example, your landing page should represent that in everything from fonts to colour.
  6. Have a clear call to action
    Make your call to action clear and urgent. Use language like ‘now’ and ‘before it’s too late’ and remind them why they should do what you want. Then make it easy for people to do it. Whatever you’re trying to get readers to do, make it stand out and put it in a place that they won’t miss.
  7. Update your website
    Most people do judge a book by its cover. An outdated website is a fast way to turn people off – particularly if it’s hard to navigate. Technology moves quickly and your website should too. If you’re still not getting any traction, an update could be your best solution.
  8. Use clear and meaningful subheadings
    Unsurprisingly, if people can’t easily find what they’re looking for while skim reading your landing page, they’ll be gone. A headline makes the visitor look, but the subheads should make them stay. Together, these pieces of copy make up the one-two punch of a landing page’s power, so you need to make sure they’re clear, concise and persuasive. Your subheads should also have keywords, so Google can show your reader what they’re searching for.
  9. Test your landing page A/B
    Once you have your landing page set up and are driving traffic to it, don’t just let it sit there. Look at your metrics to see how it’s performing. Are you seeing the number of conversions you expected? If not, where are people getting lost? Gather information on your landing page’s performance by looking at heat maps, scroll maps and user recording sessions to see if there’s any room for improvement. Then, test different design versions of your landing pages against each other to see which one performs better. By A/B testing and further refining your landing pages over time, you’re making sure you get the best performance out of your traffic — and advertising dollars.
  10. Take your time, or ask a professional
    If your landing page isn’t converting, there are things you can tweak. The key is not to change them all at the same time – focus on taking small steps in the right direction so you can see what impact each step makes. If you’re still feeling stuck, we can help get you on track, so your landing page has people staying, and most importantly, coming back for more. Get in touch now!


Helen Steemson

The lead copy writer and creative director at Words for Breakfast. She spends much of her time working with the copy writing team across a variety of projects.