Why you should be blogging – nine statistics

You should be blogging. You know this. It’s that niggle that starts whispering to you every time you knock off an hour early, or spend 20 minutes browsing Facebook.

Writing that blog is important, but the impacts of not doing so are hard to see. It’s about lost leads, lower brand engagement, missed opportunities – things that are hard to quantify. You haven’t published in months and your business is ticking along fine. Isn’t it?

Understandable, then, that blogging would slip down the priority list. You’re busy. You have deadlines to deliver on, real money to earn. Being told that your business would be, in some undefinable way, better off, is hardly motivation to sit your bum down and put fingers to keys (especially when there’s a gin and tonic at home with your name on it).

Well, I’m here to fix that for you – with a bunch of stats that show how important getting that blog up really is.

Win big at Google (like 434%)

With a blog as a key part of your website, you’re 434% more likely to be highly ranked in Google . That’s because it gives more content for the Google algorithms to look at, and most importantly, more content for people to read and share.

This means increasing your organic search rankings. Organic search results (as opposed to buying AdWords) are the goose that laid the golden egg; some research indicates that organic results attract as much as 94% of the total clicks from a Google search.

It’s no wonder blogging alone was named the number one most important tactic for B2B marketing success in 2017.

Get more business

Content marketing (with blogs at its heart) is a genuinely effective way to generate more leads.

Win hearts and minds

Writing blogs doesn’t just position your brand as a topic authority. It also helps you connect with your audience – blogs are trusted sources of information, so what you say in them will be believed. Share topics that demonstrate your vision and culture, and show you understand the pain points your target audiences are experiencing. Keep your blog up to date with relevant, educational content and you’re helping to build deeper relationships with your audience. Here are the numbers that back me up on this:

Get your name out there

It’s a simple truth – the more useful and interesting your content, the more people will read and share it. Gone are the days when content was king – now it’s only great content that reigns.

So, now’s the time. Carve out some space in your week to create readable, sharable blogs that demonstrate your company’s expertise, to win hearts, minds and more leads.

And if there simply is no more time in the week (or you’d much rather spend that time with your family), give us a call on 027 444 5833.