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10 Tips for writing a readable blog post

By Helen Steemson

You only get one chance to hook your fingers into a reader’s eye sockets and hold on. And do you know what doesn’t do that? Complicated, boring, confusing writing. So how do you write something simple, interesting and straightforward? Glad you asked. Read on.

4 tips for writing content that ranks in Google

By Helen Steemson

How can you swing the ranking odds in your favour without compromising your all-important human audience? We’re big fans of using a solid process to streamline your writing. It’ll help you develop an idea, organise your thoughts and decide what’s critical to include and which ideas you can ditch.

9 ways to get better conversions for your landing page

By Helen Steemson

You’ve created the perfect product and are ready to launch it to the world with a custom landing page. You sit and wait… but your clicks don’t convert to customers. Here are some handy tips to turn those clicks into customers.

Using power words to convert with your copy

By Helen Steemson

You know those words that are stickier, louder, strangely neon? The ones that cut through all the noise? They’re power words, and they’re every business owner’s dream.

Copywriting courses: build your brand and credibility

By Helen Steemson

Words – they’re powerful. At Words for Breakfast they’re our bread and butter; we know the influence they can have so we love to share our knowledge by running copywriting courses. Sure, on its own, writing is just a simple arrangement of letters directing people to an object or idea, but if you nestle the right ones in amongst the right friends, you can cut through layers of dross and confusion. Words can be swords, cushions, maps, vehicles… almost anything. In Brave New World Aldous Huxley says words can be X-rays if you use them properly. “They’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”

How to keep marketing during COVID-19

By Helen Steemson

When everyone’s tightening their belts marketing is often the first budget to go. But the research tells us that businesses who keep in touch with their audience during a recession are the ones that end up taking a major lead. Here are 5 smart tips for how to pivot, reframe and refocus your marketing to survive and even thrive during a recession .

I had a baby and my business has never been better

How my newborn baby made me get out of my own way For most of April and May 2017, I wasn’t really in this business – physically or mentally. Sure, I was answering a few emails and spent some time at the office, before blearily driving home before rush hour. My wife had just given […]

Procrastination: How to finish writing and just hit send

By Jemima McKenzie-Higgott

Getting your message out there – whether you’re selling something or baring your soul – is more important than perfection. An authentic voice is what makes writing great and compelling – here’s how to stop tinkering and just send it.