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10 Tips for writing a readable blog post

By Helen Steemson

You only get one chance to hook your fingers into a reader’s eye sockets and hold on. And do you know what doesn’t do that? Complicated, boring, confusing writing. So how do you write something simple, interesting and straightforward? Glad you asked. Read on.

4 tips for writing content that ranks in Google

By Helen Steemson

How can you swing the ranking odds in your favour without compromising your all-important human audience? We’re big fans of using a solid process to streamline your writing. It’ll help you develop an idea, organise your thoughts and decide what’s critical to include and which ideas you can ditch.

SEO tip: Why you should write for humans, not computers

By Helen Steemson

SEO guys tell us how to make content SEO-friendly – get your keywords in there, write some nice meta information and most importantly, never stop thinking about your rankings. But, umm… what about the actual people reading your content? Here’s how to refocus on your readers and why that’s the best way to get you to the top.

SEO basics – a totally useful how to guide

By Helen Steemson

Despite all the confusing acronyms and jargon, writing search optimised web copy isn’t rocket science. It’s about creating clear, targeted and useful copy – something you should be doing anyway.

Infographic video script

Here’s an infographics video from the incredible team at PlusAlpha – script written by our copywriters

How to create useful content and stop being an internet bandit

By Helen Steemson

Content is king, right? Not really. Good content is king. Since the new Google algorithms were released last year, Google now more strongly favours content that’s relevant and shared – so, yeah, content people actually find useful. Suddenly churning out cheap, poorly written and conceived content isn’t worth the effort, so our copywriters have been getting a lot more […]

Why you should be blogging – nine statistics

You should be blogging. You know this. It’s that niggle that starts whispering to you every time you knock off an hour early, or spend 20 minutes browsing Facebook. Writing that blog is important, but the impacts of not doing so are hard to see. It’s about lost leads, lower brand engagement, missed opportunities – things that […]