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Personal content marketing for B2B businesses

By Helen Steemson

Marketing a B2B business? You’ve probably heard that it’s hard. Because typically, business-to-business is more, well, businessy, and maybe just a bit less fun. But we’re here to tell you that’s not quite true. Business people are humans too – here are our tips to connecting with them.

Upskill your staff and grow your business

By Helen Steemson

Copywriting is the art of selling through words. It’s persuading someone to take action – to inform, advise and ultimately to influence. So, there’s a bit more to it than first meets the eye. Here are the top five benefits we see people getting from copywriting course

Freelance copywriter vs copywriting agency

By Helen Steemson

You’ll have freelancers and agencies all banging down your door, asking for the work, so you have a choice – and it’ll depend on a few variables. 

SEO tip: Why you should write for humans, not computers

By Helen Steemson

SEO guys tell us how to make content SEO-friendly – get your keywords in there, write some nice meta information and most importantly, never stop thinking about your rankings. But, umm… what about the actual people reading your content? Here’s how to refocus on your readers and why that’s the best way to get you to the top.

7 online writing apps you can’t do without

By Helen Steemson

Back in the day, a nice sharp H2B pencil and a sturdy wad of paper were all we needed, but these days it would be crazy not to make use of the huge range of online tools at your fingertips.

There are no grammar rules (except when there are)

By Helen Steemson

4 grammar mistakes you didn’t know you were making As much as this will make my dad clutch his pearls, I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as correct grammar. Sorry I’m such a disappointment, dad. It wasn’t that long ago that people were writing to-morrow and week-end and adding quotes to […]

Using power words to convert with your copy

By Helen Steemson

You know those words that are stickier, louder, strangely neon? The ones that cut through all the noise? They’re power words, and they’re every business owner’s dream.

8 Web copy tips to help you capture your audience

Captivate, connect, convert  Now that New Zealand has reached level one, we’re all well and truly done with distancing – in person and online. This is especially true in the market place. Kiwi businesses (for obvious reasons) are keener than ever to get in front of customers and hook them in. Well-executed web copy plays […]

In the face of Coronavirus, it’s BAU for WFB

By Rowena Allsopp

Working from home has always been our norm The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. First, seeing the effects Coronavirus was having globally, taking its grip and grinding entire countries to a halt. Then the first case eventually reached our shores – turning their nightmare into our reality. Already, it has had a devastating […]