Using power words to convert with your copy

Lists of keywords to provoke hunger in your audience

You know those words that are stickier, louder, strangely neon? The ones that cut through all the noise? They’re keywords – they’re powerful, and they’re every business owner’s dream.

Copywriters employ power words to provoke their audience to action. They’re words that intuitively (almost magically) set off the kind of psychological or emotional reaction that causes people to press that buy now/join us/follow me button.


Why use power words?

Just like superfoods, power words sound impressive, but you may struggle to list them off the top of your head. However, also like superfoods, some of them are heroes in plain clothing and you’ve probably already been using them intuitively.

Planting power words in your copywriting is as simple as scattering chia seeds in your smoothies. Over time, your confidence will grow and you’ll start serving up heavier power words in the heart of your advertising and building marketing campaigns around them. Just as superfoods naturally improve your performance, power words will get you results – science and human nature guarantee it.


Let readers taste your confidence

You need to be generous with your servings to fuel your readers’ interest, but you also need to be savvy. Don’t overdo them or the reader will see what you’re doing. You’ll turn your power words into cheese. But don’t hold back. Kiwis are generally modest with our word selection and we don’t tend to make promises we can’t substantiate. Own your product/service and don’t be afraid to push its unique selling point using the following lists of keywords.

Power words as appetisers

These are hunger-provoking words to use in headings and the first few phrases of your copy. They’re all about appealing to your customers’ tastes, and research shows they don’t have to be exotic to be tantalising. According to, the five most persuasive words in the English language are:

You, free, because, instantly and new.

As you can see, they’re straightforward, no-nonsense words that make a promise. Here are some more that gives the reader hope to hook on to:

Create, discover, magic, miracle, quick, easy, revolutionary, breakthrough, increase, bonus, value, double, massive, bargain, priceless, behind the scenes, unique, guilt-free, key, confessions


Power words that make a meal of it

Some common, everyday words are full of latent power. Just like oats, peanut butter, bananas and apples, they’re easy to source and use but jam-packed with inherent goodness, providing a solid base to build on. The power words below have been in circulation since your grandma’s grandma was around. Not only are they cheap but they’re weighty, offering more bang for your buck, so be sure to include them in the body of your copy. Here’s a list of keywords you should start using:

  • Learn
  • Know
  • improve, understand, authority, health, safety, more, first, big, extra, genius, epic, stimulating, exclusive, roadmap, painless, manageable, mind-blowing, moneymaking, magnetic, captivating, fascinating, extraordinary, ultimate 


Power words that sweeten the deal

When it comes to concluding your copy and weaving in your call to action, be sure to include plenty of sweet, fruity words to get things moving, while continuing to make your readers feel safe and valued. For example:

Join us, come along, find out more, discover, uncover, unpack, opportunity, research, results, dependable, proven, approved, guaranteed, genuine, best, downloadable, comprehensive, additional, supportive, no obligation, exclusive, open, timeless, long-lasting, down to earth 



Releasing the potential

Don’t just play with the idea of power words – unless you actually weave them into the fabric of your promotional material their power is untapped.

Check out this example of average copy:

“Tetris Homes know how easy it is to build a new home. We would like to reassure house hunters that it is a viable option and can explain the benefits of going with Tetris Homes.

We have a variety of packages available. Look at our plans online or come and hear a seminar from our experienced team.”

Here’s how power words take copy to the next level

“You may have been overwhelmed by the idea of building a home but it’s not as hard as you think. With a proven roadmap and experts to guide you along the way, you’ll find your build painless and even enjoyable!

Online, you’ll find a behind-the-scenes look at our designs and packages so you can start dreaming about your perfect home.

Don’t know where to start? You’re invited to an exclusive seminar where we’ll unpack your ideas and plan next steps – and amaze you with some of our extraordinary results.”


Now it’s your turn…

Now you have that list of keywords burning a hole in your brain, it’s time to get some extra confidence selecting and using them – join us for a Words for Breakfast copywriting course.