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Embodying the brand – copywriting tips

Ever heard someone refer to a ‘brand personality’? That’s because the whole reason why businesses develop brands is to try and connect with their target audiences on a deeper lever. Rather than telling them all the practical reasons why they should buy from them (which doesn’t work, as we know), a brand is something their […]

Look good in front of your clients (SEO guide)

By Helen Steemson

Recent studies have shown that 85% of your ranking is down to things that happen off your site. So what does that mean when you’re talking to your clients about SEO? To look really smart in front of them, here’s what you need to know.

Why you need a good content marketing strategy

By Rowena Allsopp

Done correctly, content marketing can achieve outstanding results for your brand. By delivering interesting, relevant and educational content, you’ll create awareness and build trust with a perfect target audience.

Understanding your target audience

By Rowena Allsopp

You can’t talk to everyone who might buy from you. Why? Because if you try talking to everyone, you’ll end up having to be so generic that you’ll get no cut-through.

The Parenting Sabbatical

By Helen Steemson

Parenting is a time of intense growth and change. You’re meeting challenges unlike any that have gone before and unlocking resilience you didn’t know you had. Parenting isn’t time off – it’s a sabbatical.