Script writing for Phone VoIP

When you sit down and chat to the experts at PhoneVoIP, you begin to wonder why anyone has a traditional landline anymore. The way they tell it, a phone that’s hooked up over the internet isn’t just (heaps) cheaper, it also comes with a swath of amazing features – ones that either aren’t available on a fixed line phone, or would cost you a bomb.

The trouble is, VoIP, as those fancy internet phones are called, are often met with a bit of suspicion. People simply don’t get how it could possibly work. Worse, they’ve had all sorts of nightmare experiences with “the internet” and would really rather not have to deal with yet another thing that could go wrong.

So the challenge for PhoneVoIP was to make the whole thing feel much simpler, seamless and reliable. That way we could also get people excited about the possibilities available to them with Phone VoIP – the added extras, the flexibility and the astronomical cost savings.

Working with the whizz kids at PlusAlpha, that’s exactly what our script writers did. We developed the voice over script outlining all the benefits that come with VoIP phone, in simple descriptive language. That made it easy for PlusAlpha to design some engaging animations resulting in a video that was easy to follow and effective.