Regular, high-quality blogs helped A2X go for SEO gold

Regular blogging gets real results – “120% growth in natural search rankings in 12 months”

A2X is a homegrown, cloud-based software app that integrates Amazon and Shopify with cloud accounting systems Xero and QuickBooks. It automates and reconciles sales and transaction data in a way that saves time every month for thousands of sellers (and their accountants) world-wide. Outsourcing their copy needs was a clever move – A2X now have more time to plot world domination – and they’re well on their way with the help of SEO-friendly thought leadership articles from Words for Breakfast.


Smart outsourcing

A2X Marketing Manager Denym Bird knew the company didn’t have the capacity in-house to manage regular blogging and case studies – an important part of their marketing mix.

“We had a gap in resource, and we wanted to fill that with experts who could write to a complicated topic – a reliable local resource”.

After looking around, Denym worked with a couple of suppliers but was struggling to find the right mix of quality service and output.

“There was nowhere near the level of research that we expected. A big part was not sticking to brief. [Other writers] were more about writing as many words as possible rather than offering real insights that people want to read about,” explains Denym.

While it can be tempting to simply ‘tick’ the content box with cheap and cheerful articles, that’s not going to make Google happy or potential customers.


Seamless workflow, expert copy

A2X have found the process of working with Words for Breakfast, “seamless”.

“They work with us as a partner, rather than a supplier” says Denym.

The quality of the writing has also impressed Denym, saying the team’s domain knowledge is excellent, as is the research that goes into every article.

The best bit, he says, is that Words for Breakfast have “an unlimited amount of resource.”

“We can turn it on and off according to our needs, without losing the knowledge” Denym says. “That’s the advantage of working with an agency rather than a freelancer.”


Trusting Words for Breakfast with precious clients

To write case studies for A2X, Words for Breakfast interviews current A2X clients. Handing clients over to a third party can be a daunting task, but not for Denym.

“Words for Breakfast have a lot of integrity – that’s come through and I’ve seen it in the way they work. We’ve built that trust so I can hand a valuable client off to them, and know they’re going to look after them just as well as we would”.


A bigger funnel, more conversions

With A2X focusing on new customer acquisition, ranking well in search results is key to their growth.

Denym says regular blogs from Words for Breakfast has definitely helped.

“They understand how Google works and know how to write to rank well – outrank everyone else – and they understand A2X’s business goals, so they can align those” says Denym.

That understanding has paid off.

“The organic keywords we rank for, thanks to the blogs they’ve been writing, has increased by 120% in the past 12 months,” says Denym. “Our strategy is to increase our funnel size – we’re trying to get as many people through the top of the funnel. So, this increase is huge”.

But Word for Breakfast’s partnership with A2X doesn’t end there.

“Lower down the funnel at consideration, Words for Breakfast writes all the case studies, which are really valuable at converting people who are considering. I’d say that the case studies make a significant contribution to the conversion rate at the consideration stage,” says Denym.


A final word from Denym: “I would definitely recommend them – they’re good value for what you pay for – they manage expectations well, thoroughly research, and operate as a flexible, reliable partner – they work in with the way we work.”


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