Better content brings in the sales

How partnering with Words for Breakfast was the ‘missing piece’ for

We’ve seen some really good new sales come in, and this is one of the only changes we’ve made.” – Garth Hill, Manager of

GrownUps is a well-established and loved lifestyle website and social club dedicated to people over 50. With a unique monthly audience of over 100,000 people, maintaining fresh, relevant content is key to the site’s success. Like most media outlets, advertising and sponsored content are where GrownUps makes most of its revenue. So how did they ensure that sponsored content was top notch for their clients? By partnering with Words for Breakfast to create high-quality content.


Content is king, but who has time to write?


While Garth Hill, Manager of GrownUps, knew that content marketing was a stellar way to get clients’ products or services in front of their audience, it wasn’t until he was being asked by clients to do the writing for them that he realised it should become part of their offering.

For me personally, selling advertising for 10 years, I pitched and sold a lot of content packages, but a lot of that didn’t come off. I think because clients could see it would work, but just didn’t know how they would get the writing done,” says Garth.

Words for Breakfast swooped in and has been working closely with GrownUps since mid-2019, becoming the ‘missing piece’ in its content offering, to produce great content that resonates with the GrownUps audience.

“It’s nice to be able to take that stress away for clients,” says Garth. “They get to see and approve it all, they just don’t have to write it!”


A slick, professional service


While GrownUps has a pool of writers it uses to commission light magazine-style content, working with Words for Breakfast has meant GrownUps can now offer in-depth, specialist content to its audience on behalf of clients. With access to the writers at Words for Breakfast (including one within the GrownUps ‘golden years’ demographic), no topic is off-limits and the right writer is always on hand.

Garth says, in using Words for Breakfast they’re “getting the benefits of a big publisher, but being an agency they’re fast and flexible, which you need for this market.”

Any new Grownups clients sit down with Words for Breakfast Creative Director Helen Steemson for a “nice, professional content-planning session – it’s a slick service,” says Garth.

Typically they’ll plan a year of content, making sure the GrownUps client’s business goals are woven in throughout,” he says.

Words for Breakfast manages the entire content-creation process directly with GrownUps clients, from sourcing information, conducting interviews where necessary, right through to final approvals. Nick Marquet, Senior Digital Account Manager says, “It comes in 99.9% on brief and any changes required are made quickly and without any fuss.”

This, he says, leaves the GrownUps team free to do what they do best – maintain existing client relationships and build new ones.

Garth agrees, saying working with Words for Breakfast feels streamlined.

It’s all seamless and working really well. It’s like having us all in the office, with the content team down one end of the room, except it’s all virtual,” he says.


Words on the page, sales through the door


Garth says making it easy for their clients to implement a content marketing strategy has been the ‘missing piece’ in their offering.

“We’ve seen some really good new sales come in, and this is one of the only things we’ve changed. Traffic’s always good, it’s the same market and same marketing packages. All we’ve done is add in this solution and made the terms a bit more flexible for clients, so it’s a fair assumption to say that it’s helping.

They’ve been fantastic – they can take that pain point away.”

And how are clients responding? Garth has an easy answer for that.

Clients are given a three-month review option, with the ability to pull out. No one’s taken us up on that – so that’s a pretty good sign.”

Find out more about how Words for Breakfast can help you create a stress-free, winning content strategy for you or your clients.