Promapp case studies

Improved click-throughs, more site traffic, higher engagement.


Every once in a while we come across a company that really demonstrates that Kiwi ingenuity we all keep talking about.

Like Promapp. Their software makes mapping processes faster, simpler, and crucially, actually useful. It replaces dusty old documents that never get used and are almost impossible to keep updated. Without going into too much detail, Promapp gets critical information out of people’s heads and into a format where it can be accessed by every level of a business.

How do you prove what everyone is already claiming?

The software was designed around a deep understanding of how businesses should be capturing and using process knowledge in way that makes it actually valuable. The system itself is also way simpler to use than any of its competitors, which is one of the reasons why Promapp is on the verge of world domination.

But, doesn’t everyone say that about their software? Doesn’t every piece of software claim to be intuitive? To streamline and add efficiency?

That was the challenge for Promapp: their point of difference was something that everyone claimed, but no one could deliver. Simply telling people about their point of difference could get lost in a sea of sameness. They had to work out a way to show how much simpler, more valuable and more intuitive their software really is.

Show, don’t tell – case studies

Case studies were an obvious answer. They would show how their customers use Promapp to streamline their workflow, gain efficiencies, and add to their bottom line. They would show how Promapp works in the real world.

The only problem? Time. Like any fast-growing business, the Promapp team is really, really busy. They don’t have time to track down their clients, pull out their stories, and craft them into shape.

So we took it all off their hands. It’s a simple process really. They send us the contact info for a client, along with any particular details they want to cover, and we book in a call. We then take half an hour or so to understand the client and how Promapp is helping improve their business.

They all see efficiencies and streamlined work flows – the really compelling part is being able to share actual examples of how Promapp helped make that happen. For some businesses, it was about getting new staff up to speed faster. For others, Promapp makes their auditing process faster or prevents information double ups, aligns their teams, or captures expertise stored in staff members’ heads.

Letting us at their valued clients

Trusting us with their clients is a big vote of confidence from Promapp, and it’s one we don’t take lightly – these are valuable accounts and people who are giving up their time to share what could be sensitive information.

Our account management experience comes in handy here. We do everything we can to represent Promapp well and to make the client feel as valued as they are. It’s about getting the simple things right – good communication and follow up, being prepared, polite and efficient on the phone and making sure the client feels comfortable with what we discuss.

Telling stories is good for business

Case study writing for Promapp is an ongoing project as they continue to build their reputation with the stories to back it up. The team tell us their new case studies are already starting to work for them.

Promapp’s Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Berkowski has attributed some great results to their new case studies:

Improved email open and click-through rates

“This helps keep us top of mind with prospects.”

Better engagement

“We’ve now got more compelling content to share on social channels, like LinkedIn.“

More web traffic

“Because we store the case studies on the website, the new content helps drive additional traffic and downloads.”

Enquiries and requests for more info

“We’ve seen an increase in enquiries and requests for more info. This provides our sales team with the opportunity to engage directly with a prospective client.”

And one last word from Sarah that we couldn’t help but include:

“Words for Breakfast have quickly become a really valuable extension of our Marketing Team.”

(Oh, shucks, Sarah. You’re making us blush.)

Want some of that sweet case study action for yourself? Talk to us about getting some case studies sorted that will really demonstrate your value.