Squirrel Mortgage Brokers

Bringing their smart, irreverent, plain-English tone to life in an industry cluttered with jargon.

In an industry dominated by seriousness and numbers, Squirrel Mortgages’ take is totally different: they get that home loans aren’t really about percentage points; they’re about people. More specifically, they’re about buyers. Squirrel set out to support the buyer in a market where vendors have all the power. That positioning manifests into a pretty exciting brief for a bunch of copywriters. It’s about speaking people’s language and being honest about buying in Auckland, while also offering solid, credible advice. In short, Squirrel Mortgages is a dream client for a copywriting agency.

We helped bring their tone to life: smart, irreverent, plain English that talked directly to people’s real worries. We had an easy job here – Squirrel’s figurehead and resident expert is the epitome of real-talk-expertise, so our job was merely to capture and solidify a tone of voice that already existed.

That tone now underpins the brand’s print work, radio ads and the ever-evolving Squirrel Mortgages website. The Squirrel team does an amazing job of keeping this site updated in a consistent style and it’s a joy to see the tone live on without us: helpful to-do lists are peppered with jokes about real estate agents; thoughtful commentary on investing is written in easily-accessible language, sans jargon and corporate blather

Our work with Squirrel is ongoing – they’re dominating and we’re so, so happy to be a very small part of that success.

Ruth Hamlin, Squirrel’s Marketing Director had this to say:

“Helen and the team at Words for Breakfast are an absolute pleasure to work with.

They’ve helped us achieve cut-through in the clutter that is radio advertising, and we’ve gained more business as a result.

They are our first port of call when we’ve got anything copy related and have played a huge part in shaping the Squirrel brand personality.”