The Selective case studies

Telling the story behind the creative work

The Selective is a collective of expert creatives from the full range of disciplines – copywriting and web development, brand and graphic design, marketing and digital strategy, to name a few.

That’s a complex message to get across, and case studies are the perfect place to do it. Normally, that process starts with talking to our clients to understand the background of a project. In this case, since we’re  the copy experts for The Selective we already have a pretty good idea. That means we can jump straight to the good bit – talking directly to The Selective’s clients to get their take on things.

One of the ways The Selective really stands out in the market is their ability to effect real change in their client’s business – that’s not just about the excellence of the creative work (although that matters). It’s also about the holistic approach they’re able to take. They can dig into their real business goals, and design a marketing campaign that is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a strategic job, but also a relationship building process, so The Selective’s clients feel safe enough to make the brave calls that are needed to get the big results.

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