Web copy for Goody Card

Getting people excited about Goody


Click here to see our copywriting in action on the Goody Card site. 

Goody Card is a new way for businesses to reward their loyal customers – it means business owners can do away with expensive loyalty schemes, while still getting the benefit of collected customer data.

Like any new platform, that takes a bit of explaining. Goody Card also wanted to talk to both businesses, and the Goody Card users – their customers.

We worked with Goody to create text that would clearly and simply outline the system, and its benefits. And while the proposition (and the site) is still ever evolving, that work set a strong foundation.


Words for Breakfast’s ability to assimilate technical information and develop this into a compelling story is second to none.  Basically, I’d rather not use anyone else.

Rory Moss, Marketing Manager, Goody