Blog writing

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Blog writing for the digital world

If you’re a business selling in the digital world (which you probably are), you’ll know content marketing, article and blog writing have become a critical part of marketing your business.

But who has the time? (We do!)

We wrote the book on digital copywriting, and have written content for businesses from bridal designers and manuka honey makers to data warehousing and financial advisors.

Our approach to blog writing

Content is no longer king – these days, good content reigns supreme. What does ‘good’ mean? Good blogs are readable and shareable. They also deliver on your strategic business goals – not just articles for their own sake. Our copywriters take a two-phase approach.

  1. Strategy and planning – you might already have a content strategy all nutted out. That’s awesome – give us your brief and we’ll crack on. If you just kind of know that you need some blogs, but not really what they should say, that’s where we can help.  We’ll help you explore and precisely define your business objectives, who your best targets are, and the best topics and angles. Our content plan will outline all the blog ideas we recommend. This gives you the chance to make sure we’re pulling in the same direction.
  2. Content writing – Based on the brief, we’ll craft readable, shareable blogs that perfectly target your audience, and promote your business goals.

So, let us write your blogs – you go and have dinner with your family every once in a while. Call 09 379 6127 or click here to email our content copywriters, now.