Content marketing – strategy and planning

Working out what content your audience wants and delivering it to them in the best way.

Content marketing made easy

Content marketing is causing quite a stir – it’s about building trust with your audience by giving them something interesting and useful. Content marketing that we can help with is ongoing blogs, case studies, white papers, guides and e-books.

A clear content strategy will make sure you get maximum results.

Why content is good for SEO

Google’s search algorithms have gotten very clever these days. Keywords play less of a role – what really makes a difference is how people behave on your site. Do they linger, browse, click and share? To Google, that indicates that what you have to say is worth being heard. Content is the perfect vehicles for attracting visitors to your site who will want to stay. We can help create:

Why content is good for conversion

Did you know that 47% of consumers read or watched 3-5 pieces of content before taking the first step towards making a purchase?  That goes for B2B businesses as well – 80% of customers would rather get information from a series of blogs rather than ads. Small businesses who blog generate 126% more leads. So those are the numbers – and they make sense if you think about it. Content like blogs, case studies and whitepapers give you more chance to interact with your audience and help build a trusting relationship.

Here’s how our copywriters approach content marketing strategy and writing:

  • Regular planning sessions – we’ll get together to hear about what’s happening in your business and any big dates coming up.
  • Content plan creation – we’ll create a plan for all the content you’ll need for the next little while. That might be case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, blogs and articles.
  • Writing – once you’re happy with the plan, you just sit back and wait for the content to come pouring in, ready to post.


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